Graphic designer shares her talents in Community Window

The Cine Window continues to entertain residents in Winsford with a diverse range of locally-produced art and its latest display is now on show for everyone to enjoy.

The Community Window in Winsford Cross Shopping Centre has been home to different exhibitions in the last few months and the current display is a heavenly offering.

It is a new exhibition by local graphic designer Chloe Corcoran, who is currently in the last year of her degree at the University of Chester.

Chloe’s work ‘Heavenly Sins’ is a series of seven drawings, lit by coloured LEDS that represent seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly sins.

She has created delicate illustrations consisting of flowers representing virtues and hand gestures symbolising sins.

Chloe said: “This project aims to intrigue viewers about the heavenly virtues and deadly sins or makes them rethink their views associated with the theme.

“I think the Community Window is a great and easily accessible opportunity for all Winsford artists to display their talents, from younger artists in high school, which is where I developed my passion with the help of my art teachers, to the art teachers posting their own work inspiring their students, to upcoming artists coming out of university like me who will soon be a part of leading the creative industry in a new direction.”

Cath Campbell of Cine Window said: “Chloe is a talented artist with abilities in a variety of sectors within the creative industry such as: Photography, Fine Art, Textiles, Book Illustration and Promotional Marketing Design.

“She has a style which is rich in colour and highly detailed but also refined and elegant. It is wonderful that we are able to show off her work to the people of Winsford at Cine Window.”

You can see more on Chloe’s instagram @chloecorcoran_designs

Residents can follow in Chloe’s footsteps this month by showing-off their own artistic creations in the Community Window.

Throughout  March, Cine Window Winsford is inviting residents to make and share their creations, which can go on display in the window, by taking inspiration from a series of ‘How to’ films which can be viewed on the Cine Window You Tube channel:

The films explain how to make a Flip Book, a Shadow Theatre and an Animation Machine, by using recycled materials from around the house to create simple moving image artworks.

Cine Window is inviting people to photograph or film their artworks and email them to and they will be shared both on social media and in the Cine Window itself.

The Community Window is a free exhibition space for local artists, photographers, crafters and makers to showcase their work and nurture and inspire film making in Winsford. If you would like to exhibit your work there in the future, contact for more information.

You can find out more on Instagram and Facebook @cinewindowwinsford

This new programme at the Cine Window Winsford has been made possible with support from the DCMS Cultural Recovery Fund awarded as part of Cheshire West & Chester Council, Cultural Services.